Our Mission

Our mission is to create an environment where students can thrive both academically and mentally. We understand the demands of student life and the impact a clutter-free, clean living space can have on overall well-being and academic performance of Holy Cross students. We look to provide specialized cleaning services for student dorm rooms, helping to foster an atmosphere conducive to learning, focus, and relaxation. By ensuring students have tidy and organized spaces, we aim to contribute to their success, better grades, and enhanced mental health throughout their educational journey.

Singular dorm room

Crusader Cleans offers professional dorm room cleaning services, ensuring a spotless and comfortable living environment for students. Our dedicated team will thoroughly clean and sanitize all surfaces, including desks, floors, and common areas, using eco-friendly products. Additionally, we provide personalized organization assistance, making beds, arranging belongings, and creating a welcoming atmosphere conducive to focused studying and relaxation.

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Shower and Bathroom

Crusader Cleans specializes in bathroom cleaning services, with a focus on maintaining utmost hygiene and freshness. Our cleaning team will scrub and disinfect the toilet, leaving it free from germs and odors. Moreover, we ensure a pristine shower by removing grime, mineral buildup, and mold, transforming it into a revitalizing space for a truly refreshing experience.

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  • Average amount of Bacteria in American College Dorms

    - Women’s dorm rooms had over 1.5M CFU/sq. In. of bacteria.
    - Men’s dorm rooms averaged higher than 6M CFU/sq. In.

  • Lack of Cleaning

    - 72% of students said they were unprepared to clean their own room when arriving at college
    - American college students average over 30 days without cleaning their room

  • Why College Students Struggle to Clean

    - 53% lack of motivation
    - 50% lack of time
    - Over 20% lack of cleaning supplies and knowledge of hygiene.