• Time saving

    Allowing experts to clean your son or daughters room for them will give them the ability to redirect their energy towards academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, and personal relaxation. Furthermore, not having to clean their own room will be a huge burden lifted off the back of your kids' shoulders, eliminating one of their stresses and allowing them to always have the ability to wind down in a organized, tidy, and comfortable living environment.

  • No more sick days

    Maintaining a clean room significantly reduces the presence of allergens, dust, and germs, which are common triggers for illnesses. A tidy environment discourages the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses, thus lowering the risk of infections. By minimizing exposure to these health hazards, individuals are less likely to fall ill, resulting in fewer sick days, and improved overall well-being.

  • Mental Health

    92% of college students recognize a clean room helps them feel their best both mentally and physically. Reasons for this include a clean room creating a calming and organized space. Clutter-free surroundings can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of control and stability. Additionally, a tidy environment fosters better concentration and focus, which can lead to improved academic performance and a greater sense of accomplishment, ultimately contributing to enhanced mental well-being.

  • Step 1

    Purchase desired amount of cleans right here on our website!

  • Step 2

    Schedule cleans for whenever is most convenient on either our website calendar or our app. (If needed cleans can be rescheduled 24 hours in advanced)

  • Step 3

    Let the cleaning staff into your room at your designated cleaning appointment time.